Man shot dead at Sydney ‘Buddhist temple’ was not intended target: police

Man shot dead at Sydney ‘Buddhist temple’ was not intended target: police

A man who was shot dead at a ‘Buddhist temple’ in Sydney’s west is not believed to have been the intended target of the fatal attack, police have revealed.

Homicide Squad detectives now believe Qin Wu, a 37-year-old Chinese national, may have intervened in an argument between his friend and a group of men when he was shot in the chest at the property on Kennedy Street in Guildford about 11pm on February 1.

Another person was also believed to have been shot in the confrontation, but never went to hospital for treatment. Police are now searching for that person as they attempt to track down Mr Wu’s killer or killers.

Detective Sergeant Justin Moynihan said at the time of the shooting, the Kennedy Street house had been converted into a Buddhist temple and was visited by many people throughout the day.

Police also believe the home was visited regularly by drug dealers.

Initially, police believed Mr Wu’s death was a targeted attack over a drug dispute; however Detective Sergeant Moynihan said police no longer believed the father-of-three was the intended target.

“It is possible Qin may have been shot when he intervened in an argument between his friend and a group of men who arrived during their visit at the house,” Detective Sergeant Moynihan said.

“An extensive forensic examination of the crime scene and surrounding area has resulted in the recovery of evidence that leads us to believe another person may have received a gunshot injury.

“We believe at least two people left the house after the shooting and returned a short time later with a third person, but they weren’t on scene when police arrived, neither was Qin’s friend.

“Despite numerous inquiries with hospitals and medical professionals across Sydney, we have not been able to locate the injured person and have concerns for their welfare.”

Another man, Ting Huang, was stabbed to death at the same Guildford property in 2014, before his body was wrapped in a doona and stuffed in the boot of a car.

Zhen Fang, 38, was last year found guilty or murdering Mr Huang, his former friend, after he admitted to taking “a lot of ice”.

Fang wrapped Mr Huang’s body in a doona and stuffed it into a car boot before parking the vehicle near Rookwood cemetery in Lidcombe. Mr Huang’s decomposing body was found in the car weeks after he was murdered.

Fang has been sentenced to a minimum 14 years’ jail for the murder.

Detective Sergeant Moynihan appealed for anyone with information about Mr Wu’s death, or who visited the temple in the days leading up to the shooting, to contact police.

“Ultimately, someone out there knows something, and they might be concealing an offence. Now is the time to come forward,” he said.