Councillor calls for a green bin refund because of 80 kilo weight limit

Councillor calls for a green bin refund because of 80 kilo weight limit

GREEN THUMBS: SIngleton Mayor Sue Moore, Cessnock Mayor Bob Pynsent and Maitland Mayor Peter Blackmore at the launch of the green bins in Maitland earlier this year.A Maitland councillorhas called for a refund on council’s new green waste bins after some residentscomplained their bins were not picked up because they were too heavy.

Cr Henry Meskauskas said the residents were informed by Solo Waste that their bins exceeded the 80 kilogram weight limit and were told to empty some of the green waste into their general household waste bins.

“The two residents who have complained to me live in the Rutherford and Aberglasslyn areas,” Cr Meskauskas said.

“They said all they had in their bins were grass clippings. They can only put the excessive weight down to the clippings breaking down and releasing moisture into the load.”

Cr Meskauskas raised the issue at this week’s council meeting but was told by Mayor Peter Blackmore the meeting was not the appropriate forum to discuss the matter and suggested Cr Meskauskas”pick up the phone and make a call” to council officers.

“The questions that have to be asked is are these bins going to be useless if the weight limit isn’t lifted. If that’s the case we may as well send them back and get a refund.”

A spokespersonfor Solo Resource Recovery, thecompany contracted to pick up the bins, said he could not comment and referred any media questionsto council.

More than 55,000 green bins have been dispatched across the Lower Hunter ready for a new regular kerbside green waste collection across Maitland, Cessnock and Singleton.

The green-lidded bins can be used for grass clippings, prunings, weeds, leaves, flowers, plants, palm fronds, bark, sticks and branches and untreated timber.

Council’s Manager Development and Environment David Simm said if bins hadmore than 80 kilograms of garden organics material, the lifting arm of the truck was unable to lift the bin.”Council has not received significant inquiries for missed bins and refers these to Solo Resource Recovery for action,” Mr Simm said.

There wasa flood of mixed comments on a community Facebook page, some residents saying recent heavy rain may have caused weight problems in bins.

One resident said she drilled holes in the bottom of herbin to release moisture. Anotherresidentsaid a “too heavy” sticker was placed on her bin. “The bin was half full with grass. Rang the number on the sticker am still waiting for a phone call four weeks later,” the resident said.